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Physiotherapist West Midlands at Mariko Clinic

By Ian Felix a qualified and highly experienced State Registered & Chartered Physiotherapist West Midlands

After my 30 years’ experience in physiotherapy and acupuncture, my practice has evolved in providing a combination of the two disciplines in treating musculoskeletal conditions, a wide variety health related problems and well-being.


Physiotherapy & Acupuncture

My practice is based around a manipulative approach to conditions and very specific exercise therapy to condition and rehabilitate.  I believe that physical exercise should be appropriate to the individual and the condition and is often more mild self-manipulation rather than harsh intense work-outs.

I am a highly experienced physiotherapist for the West Midlands. I practice joint manipulation and specific neural mobilisations to control the pain associated with conditions and restore function.

Physiotherapy works in three stages.  Firstly, the important thing is to control the pain and make the you feel more comfortable.

Secondly, with the pain under control, the key is to restore function to the area involved, allowing normal living and work demands.

Thirdly, the conditioning stage is key in preventing a recurrence of the problem and hardening against occupational and recreational demands.

The end result is a happy, healthy, pain-free body that is capable of performing.

I regularly help people suffering with back pain, painful joints, sprained ankles, knee and other mobility problems and these days the dreaded “computer back or computer neck and shoulder stiffness “ I do not just treat the immediate problem but will spend time with you to explain how to minimise the impact of their problem and to help prevent it recurring problem again. Often a single session can relieve the pain and set you off on the right path again. If you are looking for a West Midlands Physiotherapist – call me today.

My Physiotherapy & Acupuncture can help with all these ailments

Joint problems – arthritis, injury, pain and swelling, stiffness in joint

Injuries – to muscles ligaments, cartilage and tendons. Work related conditions e.g repetitive strain injury (RSI) and sports injuries

Spinal problems – like prolapsed discs, degeneration, sciatica, lumbago, stiff and painful necks and referred arm and leg pains

Fractures – treatment to increase the healing rate and gain full function once the bones have healed

Gynaecological conditions – including stress incontinence, salpingitis and post-surgery rehabilitation

Obstetrics – including treatment for back pain during pregnancy

After surgery – rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery e.g. hip and knee replacements & physiotherapy after general surgery

Abdominal problems – such as spastic colon, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome

Chest conditions – including hay fever, asthma and sinusitis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, bronchitis and bronchiectasis

Neurological conditions – such as strokes, head injuries, nerve injuries, multiple sclerosis, shingles, cerebral palsy and ME

Paediatrics – for childhood conditions including postural and walking problems

Circulatory problems – such as Raynaud’s disease, wounds, ulcers and cardiac rehabilitation


Physiotherapy :- Any orthopaedic treatment where manipulation, exercise therapy, body acupuncture is used.  £40

For physiotherapy and if required a touch of acupuncture the Mariko Clinic regularly sees clients from Stourbridge, Birmingham and all over the West Midlands including Wolverhampton, Dudley, Brierly Hill, Walsall, West Bromwich, Halesowen, Hagley, Solihull, Kinver and Kidderminster.